New Game: BloodSpace

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We did a cool shmup so you don’t have to.


A Kayabros & Amon26 project.


Wanna support us? Buy the downloadable version (for Windows, Mac & Linux) and the soundtrack of the game for 2 dollars. We appreciate it!


You can also get the font of the game, and the posters for free on the same site.



Programming: Talha Kaya


Art, Sfx: Amon Twentysix


Music: Erdoğan Cem Evin



Play links:


BloodSpace 2014-10-13 22-51-20-31

BloodSpace 2014-10-13 22-51-45-26

BloodSpace 2014-10-13 22-51-57-39

BloodSpace 2014-10-13 22-52-23-44

BloodSpace 2014-10-13 22-52-50-49





New Game: Spin Stick Soccer


spin stick soccer 1

We just released a new, totally free, Web and Android game, called Spin Stick Soccer.

Spin Stick Soccer is a table soccer game played with rotating sticks. It features competitive gameplay with 10 difficulty levels and local multiplayer.



Coding: Tarık Kaya

Art: Hayali Animasyon

Sound: Uğurcan Orçun

Music: Talha Kaya

spin stick soccer 2

spin stick soccer 3 spin stick soccer 4

Into The Box Soundtrack on Game Music Bundle 7


Into The Box Soundtrack by @taloketo and @dogacyavuz is a part of the new @GameMusicBundle.

You can GO AND GET IT at

Talha says:

The collection of music is awesome. I’ve been a buyer of these bundles and now I’m on one of them! It’s kinda bummer that for Into The Box OST the minimum is 10 dollars. But you’ll get a lot of other cool music. Awesome that I’m featured on the same bundle with some of my favorite video game musicians! If you want only the Into The Box OST, it’s still here though.

Which soundtracks are featured on this bundle?


For 1 dollar you can get:

The Banner Saga,

Device 6,

Broken Age,

Floor is Jelly,


That’s like most of my favorite video game composers in a bundle that I’m also on.


For 10 dollars, you can get:

Journey – Piano Album (Transfiguration)


The Yawhg EP

Magnetic By Nature

Escape Goat 2

Curious Merchandise (Ben Prunty)




Tribes: Ascent

Into The Box

Soul Fjord

Yeah, that’s a lot of music.

If you just want to buy my stuff as support or favor, you can always do that on my bandcamp.



“Into The Box” Related News

into the box titleBig news is, Into The Box got featured on Rock Paper Shotgun!

Other than that, Talha of Kayabros wrote two articles on Gamasutra to explain Into The Box in a more sophisticated way. Whooooo.

The Monetization Technique Called “F*ck Me”:

Puking Rainbows: An Infinitely In-Depth Look At “Into The Box”:

As you know, Into The Box was done by Tarık “ttrkaya” Kaya of Kayabros, and released for WEB and ANDROID for free and without ads.



“Into The Box” Released

into the box 2

“Into The Box” is a psychedelic dizzy arcade game with chiptune-inspired music and a focus on the feeling of speed.

It’s developed by Tarık Kaya of Kayabros.

You never knew going into rectangles forever could be so much fun.

In this minimalistic experience, you’ll want to play even more, because you’ll be unlocking new stuff, you’ll be competing with your score, and you will feel the speed in your blood.

The game is available COMPLETELY FREE, WITHOUT ADS on WEB and ANDROID.


Orphan Announcement


Talha Kaya of Kayabros is developing his emotional adventure game. Check out the trailer below.

More info:

Follow development here:

Orphan is a 2D adventure game that tells the story of an orphan boy, trying to track down what’s left of his family. It aims to touch upon such themes as childhood and parenting in a way no video game has done before.
Orphan will feature a huge amount of written dialogue. It aims to have high quality writing that you can’t find in many video games.
Dialogue will feel very natural and your choices will have great effects on the ending. Orphan will feature different endings corresponding to your actions and choices you make.
Orphan is a game that focuses on story-telling with artistic mini games. Taking inspiration from games like Dys4ia, Experiment 12, Braid, and movies like Gummo; it will be a special experience for players looking for something new and exciting.
Orphan features the music of very talented friends Radio for the Daydreamers and Midnight Moodswings.
Art and programming is done by Talha Kaya of Kayabros, while Tarık Kaya helps with the design.
Orphan is a hundred percent independent art. We put all our love into making it. Thanks for supporting independent art. You’re awesome.

For music:

Music used in trailer: Radio for the Daydreamers – To Those Who Lost Their Way